Postings about Technology

  • 20th December 2017

    Annotating Coreference Chains (Part 2)

    We have recently started to annotate coreference chains in dramatic texts. In this loose series of blog posts, we will discuss interesting findings and examples. This post revisits the annotation tool question.

  • 8th December 2017

    DramaAnalysis 2.0.0

    We have just released a new version of our R package for the quantitative analysis of plays, and want to highlight a few changes here. In QuaDramA, the R package is used for data analysis, after natural language processing has taken place. The package therefore relies on pre-processed corpora.

  • 28th April 2017

    Analysing Dramatic Figure Speech with R, Part 2

    So far, we loaded dramatic texts into R with the help of a web service that converted from UIMA XMI files into CoNLL-like CSV files. Now that we have released version 0.4.1 of our DramaAnalysis R package, this is no longer necessary. Instead, we have integrated the needed Java code directly into the R package. This makes, we hope, using the R package much easier.

  • 21st October 2016

    Analysing Dramatic Figure Speech with R, Part 1

    This guide describes how to analyse dramatic figure speech with R, using our linguistic preprocessing tools. It is written as a step-by-step guide and uses the (German) dramatic texts Romeo und Julia and Emilia Galotti as examples.

  • 2nd October 2016

    Technology Overview

    This post gives an overview of the current state of the technology we are using and how we plan to proceed in the future. All programs, scripts and components are available on our github page.